Padel Webinar Held for the First Time in Turkey

Within the scope of the project, our first webinar for a national and international level was held via Zoom on June 27, 2021. This webinar was organized for the first time in Turkey by our Padel Istanbul Sports Club Association, the Turkey representative of the International Padel Federation. The first guest of our webinar was International Padel Federation (FIP) Secretary General Advisor Daniel Patti, and the chair of the session was Padel Istanbul Sports Club President and Instructor R. Tayfur Özkan. The webinar was communicated in English with Turkish subtitles followed by a question-answer section. Our webinar broadcast has been shared on our YouTube channel and social media accounts.


Click here to watch the Padel Webinar, which was held for the first time in Turkey.

Padel Trainer Training Program (Level 1)

Turkey’s first Padel Trainer Training Program (1st Level) to be organized by the Padel Istanbul Sports Club Association, coordinated with the International Padel Federation, will take place in Istanbul in June.


Participants who want to be included in the 3-day training and certificate program, which will be given by the International Padel Federation (FIP) Padel trainers, must fill in the preregistration form before April 4. Participants in the Trainer Training Program will receive the Padel 1st Level Trainer Certificate when they successfully complete the written and practical exam to be held at the end of the training.


The date, time, and venue information of the training will be shared during the first week of June. Receiving the complete preregistration forms will provide details that will allow us to appropriately plan the training.


We look forward to this first program in Turkey, where coaches will be trained for the recognition and development of Padel sport in our country. We know that you share this excitement based on you have shared on our association’s social media accounts.

We hope to see you.
For questions about the training program, you can contact us at padelistanbul@gmail.com. Padel Istanbul Sports Club Association
Click for the Padel Trainer Training Program (1st Level) Preregistration Form.