What is Padel

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Padel is a type of racquet sport and is especially popular in Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico, Spain, and Argentina. Padel combines elements of tennis, squash, and badminton. It is played by millions of people around the world, and this number is increasing every year. This game, played only in pairs, can be played indoors, as well as outdoors.

Padel tennis is a sport that is very similar to tennis and squash in terms of rules and technique. However, there are minor differences. An advantage that padel tennis has over tennis or squash, though, is that its basic techniques are easier to learn, and it is a communicative game that appeals to all age groups. Padel, which has the same rules as tennis, is played over 3 sets. Unlike tennis, players have the right to hit the walls (glass or wire) that surrounds the court. It is played in teams of two (4 people). The area surrounded by wires has open doors. If the player deems it necessary, he can choose to exit the door, which makes the game more exciting and continuous.