The project focused on the sustainable purpose, “Open Air Contactless Racket Sports,” which was organized in cooperation with the Marmara University Faculty of Sports Sciences and Beykoz Municipality, which act as the executive organizers of the Padel Istanbul Sports Club Association. This work has been carried out with the aim of developing the rapidly growing Padel and Pickleball racquet sports in the world and in our country. Considering the developments that will occur during and after the period, we aim to enable participants to comfortably participate in sports that are noncontact and take place outdoors, to encourage individuals of all ages to try different sports, to create a sports culture in children and youth, and to enable adults to develop the habit of participating in sports.


Under the coordination of Padel Istanbul Sports Club Association, and with the support of Marmara University Faculty of Sports Sciences and the participation of its academicians, we plan to share the “Quickly Developing Open Air Contactless Racquet Sports in the World” project to children, young people, and the people of the neighborhood. We will provide both theoretical and practical training. In this context, the facilities of Marmara University Anadolu Hisarı Campus and another collaborator, Beykoz Municipality, will be revised or sports fields for these branches will be organized in new boutique areas. In this way, all participants will have the opportunity to learn and develop these branches by following the rules during the pandemic period.


Our project goal is to develop and spread the Padel and Pickleball racquet sports branch, which is growing and developing in the world and in our country. In this context, it is envisaged that we will carry out theoretical awareness studies on sports and movement (i.e., the importance of movement, sports culture, and public health), identifying appropriate organization of the sports for all ages and genders, and organizing tournaments for the target audience of the project. At the end of the project, we aim to have positively affected the perspectives of the target audience toward sports, to encourage future generations to participate in sports and different sports branches, to realize the health benefits of movement and sports, to understand the importance of the concept of volunteering, and to ensure that volunteers are involved in the practice of education and training. We aim to take all of these considerations into account.


The project “Development and dissemination of open-air contactless racquet sports growing in the world” (padel and pickleball racquet sports branch) is supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports within the scope of Youth Projects Support Program (2020-1).